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What do Plato, Jill Walker Rettberg, my American Lit professor, and Robert Frost all have in common?

I can relate to Plato’s frustration of oral communication turned into written word. As Jill Walker Rettberg points out in chapter two of her book Blogging, Plato expressed his disdain for writing because of its lack of ability to respond. … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing – Part I: Why?

Businesses large and small are always looking for new ways to reach out to their customers – and in turn, make more money. With so many options for marketing campaigns, it’s difficult to know which avenues to pursue. This is … Continue reading

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Whatsa Widget?

In a nutshell, a widget is a cool little gadget you can add to a blog or website. There are all kinds of different widgets you can utilize to enhance the functionality or personality of your blog or website. Adding … Continue reading

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Adding a header image to WordPress blog

I thought my fellow Weblogs and Wikis classmates may find this information helpful. When I signed up for WordPress I skimmed through their “10-step walkthrough guide”. Since I’ve already blogged before and am quite familiar with numerous technologies, it was … Continue reading

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Deliberate sabotage?

While I was reading through the syllabus for my Weblogs and Wikis course, I couldn’t help but notice a significant amount of errors. Perhaps it is just in my editorial nature to recognize such mistakes, but I can’t help but think … Continue reading

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