Deliberate sabotage?

While I was reading through the syllabus for my Weblogs and Wikis course, I couldn’t help but notice a significant amount of errors. Perhaps it is just in my editorial nature to recognize such mistakes, but I can’t help but think that the errors were in fact placed on purpose. My background as a copy editor (among other things) at a newspaper has heightened my critical eye, but I noticed some of the mistakes were not all that common to make and indeed look as though they were intended to be there. I mean think about it, its a college course from someone who has earned a PhD, why so many errors? Ah, you are sly Dr. Morgan, but I see through your plan. I presume at some point it will be our job to clean them up, perhaps?


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4 Responses to Deliberate sabotage?

  1. M C Morgan says:

    Not really so sly, Destiny. I writ a lot on the web and especially on wikis, where documents are in a perpetual state of being edited. The statement, in particular, is still in an early state: it’s too long, for one thing, and needs refactoring for concision, but I had to get it out so it could be worked with. Some of what you spotted might be true errors and oversights, some might be stylistic hiccups, some might be traits of the wiki-genre.

    I’m flattered that you would give the statement the editor’s attention.

    One characteristic of wikis is that if you can improve the page, you do so. So, a little ahead of schedule, I’ve registered you on the wiki. Your username and pw are in your email. Go to the wiki, login, and you can edit / revise any page there. Go ahead and polish the statement for others to read more readily. Don’t worry. You can always revert to an earlier version.

  2. Hmm, so it is just me then? Well, deliberate or not, you did give me something to write about and I’m excited to get into the wiki to get it all fixed up.

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