Adding a header image to WordPress blog

I thought my fellow Weblogs and Wikis classmates may find this information helpful. When I signed up for WordPress I skimmed through their “10-step walkthrough guide”. Since I’ve already blogged before and am quite familiar with numerous technologies, it was unnecessary to read the whole thing. I skipped right to the stuff I was interested in, customizing my blog. Okay, so it’s still a major work in progress, give me a break I just started this thing yesterday!

One thing that I felt was absolutely necessary right away was to change the header image (for those who don’t know that’s the image going across the top of the page). See I am a hobby photographer and I saw an opportunity with WordPress’s Twenty Ten theme to highlight my art. So how does one change the header?

When you are logged in and at the “Dashboard”, scroll down a ways and look to the left side bar. You will see a button that says “Appearance”. Hover your pointer over the right side of the button where an arrow will appear, give it a click. This will open up a drop down menu. In that drop down menu you will see a link for “Header”. Click it. Then you will come to a page where you can choose a header or upload your own. If uploading your own, I suggest a high resolution image for the best quality. Pick something that really represents you.

For more customization tips check out this link

Side note: My current header image is from one of the many hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas is my favorite vacation spot.


About museofdestiny

I am an aspiring author, hobby photographer, and wannabe entrepreneur.
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2 Responses to Adding a header image to WordPress blog

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks, I was struggling with that!

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