Whatsa Widget?

In a nutshell, a widget is a cool little gadget you can add to a blog or website. There are all kinds of different widgets you can utilize to enhance the functionality or personality of your blog or website.

Adding a widget to a WordPress blog is fairly simple. Just head to your dashboard, scroll down until you see a button for “appearance” on the left side bar. Hover your pointer over it until an arrow appears (unless you already have the menu open). Click the arrow to open the menu and select “widgets”.

This will bring you to a menu where you can select your widgets. Go ahead and add some widgets to your WordPress blog or learn more about them. To add them to your blog, simply grab the widget (the little gray boxes) and drag it over to the right side bar in the respective widget area. Try out different widgets and areas to get the desired effect.

I added several widgets to enhance my blog and integrate my social interconnectivity with widgets for twitter and del.icio.us. It even prompted me to get set up on flickr so I could show off my hobby photography.


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3 Responses to Whatsa Widget?

  1. mikejdrs says:

    Good day. Checked out your pics…”hobby?!!” Those pics are SO well done…look pro to me. Wish I could ‘see’ like that. That is a gift. Love that car pic! I was gonna bookmark your album site and tag w/ en31 — so others in WaW would take a look, but everyone would probably think I was schmoozing or pulling another smooth move and flooding the Daybook with more blathering. Mike

    • Thank you for the compliments on my work – I appreciate it. I will continue to add more as I get time to do so, so keep checking back on it if you want to see more. Fun note on the car pic – that is of a very expensive car that is in the Auto Collections musuem in Las Vegas. I have a fascination with cars and I have a ton of pics from different car shows I’ve been too. It’s another one of my hobbies.

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