So I have a confession to make – I, like probably many others before me, thought a wiki was just an encyclopedia of information compiled by anyone. This is probably due to the fact that Wikipedia is by far the most well-known wiki out there.

Confession number two – I also thought that anything with “wiki” in its name was a by-product of Wikipedia. Like subgenres, if you will.

Not until I read several chapters in T. Brian Chatfield’s book The Complete Guide to Wikis did I realize what a wiki truly is, and what it can accomplish. Confession number three – I am amazed at the possibilities, and at my lack of understanding of this intriguing medium.

I have learned that wikis come in all forms, but the three main categories are Content wikis, Process wikis, and Community wikis. Each of them have their own unique characteristics. Wikis come in all shapes and sizes, and feature things like dictionaries, baseball facts, recipes, weddings, government intel, charity projects, video games, and business proposals – just to name a very few.

So this sparked my curiosity. I had to go and see what was out there on the web. I am amazed to find that there is a wiki for many of the things I enjoy. Such as this Gossip Girl wiki for a television show that I watch religiously. And I am excited to find this photography wiki. I can’t wait to dive more into it as it has loads of information I am interested in reading.

In conclusion, my eyes have been opened to an entirely new medium in which I can explore and enjoy the world wide web. I look forward to learning more about wikis in my Weblogs and Wikis class, and eventually branching out and working on other wikis.


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