Edited Wiki Page: MobileBlogging

I looked around at the pages on WeblogsAndWikis for quite some time, trying to decide what I should write about for my class assignment. I came across an existing page titled MobileBlogging. Since I have a smart phone, a netbook, and a laptop, I am all about doing things on the go. So I found my project.

The page was short, but had some good ideas on it- though the ideas were incomplete and the wording was in definite need of an overhaul.

I enhanced what was there by explaining things in more detail and added an image from Wikimedia Commons. I had some fun by linking the page to other wiki pages and gave a few suggestions for some new pages to be produced.

I still think the page needs work, but isn’t that the wiki nature? These pages will continue to be revisited and revised until they sit in a nearly perfect state. Then someday, someone will come along and see something is missing, and the process will begin again.


About museofdestiny

I am an aspiring author, hobby photographer, and wannabe entrepreneur.
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