A look back at what I’ve done so far …


Signed up for WordPress, Delicious, and Flickr. New to all of them, previously blogged on Blogger.

Revived existing Twitter account. Used before, not much.

Signed up to edit the Weblogs and Wikis wiki. Totally new to wikis – other than reading stuff on Wikipedia.

Blog Posts

Deliberate Sabotage? – First blog post. Noted errors in the class syllabus and thought they might have been an intentional project for later in the class. 1 Comment, 1 Reply, 1 Pingback.

Adding a header image to WordPress blog – Gave a tutorial on putting a new picture into a blog header, as I had already done. Posted a link as a full URL. 1 Comment, 1 Pingback.

Whatsa Widget? – An explanation of widgets, what they are and how to use them. Decided to write it after playing around with widgets on my own blog. First use of linked text. Added a personal touch by linking to photos on my Flickr account. 1 Comment, 1 Reply.

Social Media Marketing Part I: Why? – I have always had an interest in business and I am taking a minor in it. The use of social media as a marketing technique has fascinated me, so I decided to do research on it and write a two-part blog post about it. This was part one. First use of images in a blog – linked the images to give credit. 1 Comment, 1 Pingback.

What do Plato, Jill Walker Rettberg, my American Lit professor, and Robert Frost all have in common? – This was a fun post, I was able to relate text I had read in Rettberg’s book about Plato’s thoughts on the written language to things going on in my everyday life. I also related them to blog culture in general. First use of embedded video. Used Wordle and embedded it. 2 Comments, 1 Reply.

WikiClueless – Confession that I didn’t know that much about wikis prior to this class and a recognition of the possibilities they offer. Found and linked to a couple of wikis about things I am interested in.

Edited Wiki Page: MobileBlogging – A log of what I did to an existing page on the Weblogs and Wikis wiki.

Social Media Marketing Part II: How? – Part two of my anaylsis of social media marketing. Gave a pingback to part one. Added several further readings and a video.


Tweeted 10 times with relevance to hashtag en3177. Used it mostly to say what I was working on in the class, or to share my work.

Social Bookmarks

Used to save things I found interesting on the web. Though I must admit I haven’t added everything I’ve linked to in blog posts. Here are bookmarks I made that are relevant to the class. For more see my Things I’ve Read/Browsed section.

Intro to Blogging from WordPress CodexWikimedia Commons Photography Wiki Gossip Girl Wiki 50 Ways Marketers Can Use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

Wiki Edits

CourseStatement2011  – Made minor corrections to grammatical and spelling errors. First wiki edit. First time ever contributing to a wiki.

DestinyHarmoning – Played with in class, then erased all of it because it was arbitrary information used to practice on a wiki.

CollaborationConventions – Corrected errors as I was reading.

StyleGuide – Corrected errors as I was reading.

MobileBlogging – Revamped the entire page, expanding upon ideas already on the page but reworking them into a cohesive narrative. Added more information and an image. Still a work in progress – as wikis always are.

WikiStyle – Corrected errors as I was reading.

WikiTerms – Corrected formatting so as to be uniform throughout page. Added definitions to some terms, added a few new terms to be defined.

HomePage  – Corrected errors as I was reading.

Blog Comments

Just adding my two cents – These comments are me giving my thoughts and insights on the subjects at hand.

About Robert Frost Blogging as JournalismDeath of Printed Word Web 2.0 Teaching

Question and answer – These comments are answers to questions posted and are basically how-to bits.

Pixelated HeaderPartitioned Blog

Relating to one another – These comments are about identifying with one another on a personal level and about explaining where I come from on certain topics.

Professor’s Unintentional Errors My Photography – Shared Interest in Art one and twoAnnoying OrangeBSU Cuts

Things I’ve Read/Browsed

The Daybook – Browse through all posts, read which ones I am interested in

Morgan’s Log – Read professor’s weekly analysis of what the class has been up to.

Blogging by Jill Walker Rettberg – Chapters 1-5

The Complete Guide to Wikis by T. Brian Chatfield – Chapters 1-2, 7-8

Wide Open Spaces by Brian Lamb

Above and Below the Double Line by Professor Morgan

Learn WordPress: Get Customized

Widgets on WordPress

Associated Press article on Pepsi

Study of Social Media Marketing by McKinsey & Company

The Social Media Marketing Blog by Scott Monty


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