The Past is the Key to the Future

After putting together a list of my accomplishments thus far in Weblogs and Wikis class, I have become aware of what I have learned and what I would still like to know more about or do more with.

I also created this Timeline as a way of organizing my progress for the class.

These are things that I have noticed while taking time to reflect and putting together my TimeToast timeline:

  1. My work tends to come in clumps, especially around the times when we started new topics. The last couple of weeks have been sparse in activity in comparison to the prior weeks.
  2. Blogging is my favorite part of the class, and I will continue to blog as often as possible. My blog posts include tutorials, reflections of my understanding of materials, and repurposings.
  3. My blog comments are often complimentary, giving encouragement and insights into what others are doing.
  4. In my opinion, I have not made enough use out of Twitter or Delicious. I would like to do more with these two sites.
  5. I have only done one major edit on the Wiki but I have made a good number of small corrections throughout.
  6. The required readings have been valuable assets to my understanding of blogging and wikis. The class would be seriously lacking without them.

Here are some projects and ideas for what I would like to accomplish in the rest of the class:

  1. Add more to the Wiki, including making use of my own WikiName page.
  2. Get more out of using Twitter and Delicious.
  3. Comment on and pingback to blogs written by people outside of my classmates.
  4. Make a Prezi.
  5. Add more photos to Flickr account, find other uses for my photography.
  6. Read the remainder of Rettberg’s Blogging and Chatfield’s Wikis
  7. Use the above projects, or others to enhance my understanding of blogs and wikis, while utilizing my interests of writing, photography and business.

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