What happens when you Google yourself?

It is an interesting experience to type your name into a Google search. I can honestly say my palms were a little sweaty as I did just that. Not that I have anything to hide, or that I feel like there’s stuff on the internet about me I don’t want seen, but mainly just because I didn’t know what exactly to expect.

With a unique name, it was easy for Google to dig through the internet muck and find me. The very first link is to my Facebook profile. When I click on it, there’s not much that a public person can see. They can see my profile picture, and they can see who my friends are. That’s because I have my privacy settings set to keep out potential stalkers and weirdos.

The next link that follows is my Myspace profile. This is kind of interesting because I actually deleted my Myspace account quite awhile ago. But somehow it still shows up. You can see pretty much everything I have put on there – my pictures, my information, my wall, my friends, everything. You can see in the public sphere on my [deleted] Myspace account, much of the information that only my Facebook friends get to see. Spooky. I’m gonna have to get this matter settled.

Next you will find a link to my Twitter account, and subsequently recent Tweets. No biggie there. I don’t Tweet anything that can’t be seen.

The next link is to a place called MyLife.com, which is interesting also. They are what appears to be a personal information aggregator. They pick up on what is put in the social sphere about you, and put it in one place. When you click on the link for me, a picture of myself shows up, along with my hometown, and my age. Then it says if you want to know more you need to be a member. I’m curious to see what else they have on file. My email address? My home address? My phone number?

A listing of me also comes up under a link to WhitePages.com, which is basically an online phone directory. They have address information, but it is not my address, instead it’s my parents’ which can be found by looking them up by name in any phone book. No biggie.

Then the next links are to my current job which is posted on a website, and links to articles I’ve written as a journalist on a number of different sites who reposted the articles as they were relevant to their businesses or organizations. You can also find links to the sign up sheets for the pageant I coordinate in my hometown every summer.

In a nutshell, I wasn’t shocked at the information that could be found, as most of it was intended for the public sphere, and that which isn’t (i.e. Facebook) is locked away for just my friends and family. The only exception is the Myspace thing, which I intend to get removed asap, mostly because it’s outdated, I haven’t been on the sight in atleast two years.

Now it’s your turn. See what you can find. Google yourself … if you dare.


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One Response to What happens when you Google yourself?

  1. Morgan Harper Nichols says:

    So…I may be a little self-absorbed! I actually Google myself at least once a month. I even Google my family members. I don’t know, maybe I just want to make sure everything is in tact! I agree about the MySpace thing. I, too deleted my MySpace and it continues to haunt me in search results! Why is that? The world will never know. In short, it’s a fun practice…I’m glad to see someone else who has done this! Great post – I subscribed, and looking forward to more.

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