What technology means to me

It’s reflection time again for my Weblogs and Wikis class and I have found myself working in Prezi to create an artifact that represents the different dimensions I have learned throughout the semester.

I started compiling the materials I’ve learned about and realized a sort of pattern to the mix. So I decided to create a Prezi that shows off how technology shapes our lives – which is essentially what we have been learning about all along. There is also an accompanying blog post.

Then I noticed smaller patterns within that global topic, so I marked them down, and then stuffed in the things I’ve been working with into these sub-categories.

I am not able to cover absolutely everything I have learned in the class, as my education in the digital world has been quite extensive over the past four months. I have, however, included in the Prezi the most primary key topics, issues, concerns, etc. that I have explored.

Throughout the semester I have learned a great deal about the digital tools that are available to us. These tools continue to develop as we, as a society, dive deeper into the digital realm.

There were many topics I was quite unfamiliar with, or only knew a little about, when I started this class. My knowledge has grown into something I can utilize throughout my future endeavors. I have found new ways to present my ideas and my creativity to the world. I have also explored things I will be able to use when I start my own business someday.

Most importantly, I have learned to be more aware of the digital world and what it means to us: what it offers now, the potential for new technologies, the potential for new uses of current technologies, and how it shapes the way we conduct our lives, our businesses, and our communications.


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